Deflasking seedlings is best done when the weather is warm especially spring and summer

1, with a pair of tweezers lift out the bed of seedlings from the flask and tip into a basin of water .

2. Wash all the medium from the roots and gently separate the seedlings

3. Sort out he seedlings on the bench from large to small

4. For large seedlings use a mix of 80% mini bark to 20% isolite ( or bean bag small polystyrene balls )   Plant into community pots by building up a wall of bark against one side of the pot and with tweezers space out several seedlings on the wall . Back fill the wall with more bark mix and repeat . Alternatively use moist Sphagnum moss instead of the bark and polystyrene balls mix

5 For the smaller seedlings use the same process as above only with moist Sphagnum moss instead of the bark mix.

6. Place in a warm place and ideally on a heat mat set at 25degrees C or a humidiy crib .