Lyttle Orchid Clones Laboratory

Processing of Orchid Seed Pods

We offer a complete Flasking service for your seed pod processing . This can be either green pod or dry seed processing in our fully equiped laboratory .

Flasks maturing under lights and in heat controlled environment for best results

Processing Pods

Pods opened in Laminar flow cabinet and sown into 750ml Flasks Two Mother flasks are sown for each pod

Final Replated flasks contain between 15 -25 plants per 750ml Flask depending on the genus to give large size seedlings which have a better chance of survival after Deflasking

Prtocorms developing Final replate Flask


We Prepare 2 Mother Flasks per Pod or seed at a cost of $10 per Flask . On successful germination we prepare spreader flasks at no addditional charge . Final replate flasks are prepared with 15 - 25 seedlings depending on the genus . Each replate flask costs $30 for 15 plants $32 ror 20 and $35 for 25 plants

Minimum order is 1 - 3 Flasks per Pod

No charge is made where germination is not successful .


Packing and Postage

Please wrap each pod in a sealed envelope with the name of the Pod Parent and the Pollen parent or a code if you want it to remain private .

Place each envelope in a post pack box and send by express post to :-

Lyttle Orchid Clones
5, Swifte Court
Aberfoyle Park S.A. 5159