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Equitant Oncidium Orchids

These are the miniature Oncidiums now called also Rodrumnias and Tolumnias .

They are very compact plants and species originated in the Caribbean islands These little orchids are very quick in growing taking only Two and a half years from pollination to flowering size The flower colour range is now very wide since hybridisation has taken place  Colours are yellows , whites , red and orange with spotting in some cases and others barred .A great advantage of growing these little gems is that they often rebloom from the old inflorescence and should not be removed .Some can even rebloom for up to two years before the flower spike drys up. The hybrids are easier to grow than the species They like bright sunny and rather dry conditions in intermediate to warm conditions  Best grown on mounts but can be potted in a very open mixture of bark and perlite . These orchids should be allowed to dry out before watering again.