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Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis are ideal indoor plants and we have listed seedlings , mericlones and Flowering size plants for sale

The listed Phalaenopsis are from seedling size in 50mm tubes to Flowering size in 120mm pots

Phal. Timberline mericlone

Phalaenopsis Timberline mericlone Flowering size plant

Phal. Forbidden Fruit mericlone

Phalaenopsis Forbidden Fruit flowering size plant

Phal Carrot Cake Mericlone

Phalaenopsis Carrot Cake flowering size plant

Phal. Secret Messages Mericlone

Phalaenopsis Secret Messages mericlone Flowering size

Phal. Black Stripes Mericlone

Phalaenopsis Black Stripes flowering size plant

Phal Magic Art mericlone

Phalaenopsis Magic Art Flowering Size Plant

Phal.Lianher Lucky Cat Mericlone

Phal.Lianher Lucky Cat Mericlone
in 50mm tube

Dtps Little Gem Stripe x Chain Xen Pearl seedling

Dtps Little Gem Stripe x Chain Xen Pearl seedling

Phal. Ox Sun Light mericlone

Phal. Ox Sun Light mericlone in 50mm tube

Phalaenopsis Sunshower Mericlone

Phalaenopsis Sunshower mericlone Flowering size

Phalaenopsis Fancy Fire mericlone

Phalaenopsis Fancy Fire  Flowering size plant