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 4 Named Phalaenopsis Mericlones  small in 50mm pots See Phalaenopsis 4 Pack only $25



          Dtps Allura Iron Mask                 Dtps Selina                            Dtps Orion                                   Phal Marsupilami



Phalaenopsis 4 pack

4 named Phlaenopsis mericlones

4 named Phalaenopsis Mericlones Allura Iron Mask , Phal Marsupilami , Dtps Selina and Dtps Orion as pictured in 50mm Tubes .

Phalaenopsis White

Phalaenopsis Flowering size white
Un named large Flowering size Phalaenopsis . When flowering produces white blooms

Phalaenopsis unknown Red

Unknown Phalaenopsis Red
Unknown flowering size Phalaenopsis plant . When in flower produces red blooms

Phalaenopsis Unknown Pink

Unknown Phalaenopsis Pink

Unknown flowering size pink Phalaenopsis

Unknown Phalaenopsis Purple

Unknown Phalaenopsis Purple
Unkown flowering size Phalaenopsis plant . When in flower produces purple blooms

Unknown Phalaenopsis yellow

Unknown Phalaenopsis yellow
Unknown Phalaenopsis of flowering size When in flower produces medium sized yellow blooms

4 Genera Pack

4 assorted Genera in a pack

4 different Genera in a pack . A Stanhopea , Pescatoria , Vanda and Cattleya in 50mm tubes all named .

Vanda 3 Pack

Three named Vandas V. Kulvadee Fragrance  V. Siriporn and V. Dr Anek x V. Suksamaran


All diffrent colours ( Click on photo to View )

4 Phalaenthae Dendrobiums mixed

4 Phalaenthae Dendrobiums assorted colours

4 Phalaenthae Dendrobiums assorrted colours in 50mm tube size

Den Red King , Den Areedang Blue , Den Blur Ribbon and Den Panjarat Pink ( a very large pink )  Click on picture to see other colours .