Flasks are supplied as Flasks of 15 and Flasks of 25 seedlings of good size in a 750ml tall flask


Catasetum sanguineum

Catasetum sanguineum mericlones

Flask of  15 good strong seedlings Catasetum sanguineum mericlones in 750ml Flask . Catasetum sanguineum sepals and petals are pale brown - green and spotted with purple comon name the Red Catasetum from Venezuala and Columbia The flower spike is 40cm long bearing 7 blooms of 5cm spread  Grow in dappled light an hot conditions ( 24 - 29 degrees C at night )

Phal Kitty x Dtps Chian Xen Angel Flask

Flask of Phal  Kitty x Dtps Xen Angel

Flask of 12 Good sized seedling in 750ml Flask Very interesting cross of colours

Vanda bensonii Flask

Vanda Bensonii  Flask

Flask of 15 mericlones of Vanda bensonii . This orchid when mature has 10 - 20 flowers per inflorescence and blooms are 5cm across . The blooms are fragrant with sepals and petals yellow to green background densly veined with chestnut brown .

Sarc Parma Hiigh Yellow x Snowhart Flask

Flask of Sarc Parma High Yellow x Snowhart

Sarc Parma Hight Yellow x Snowhart Flask of 15 good sized seedlings in 750ml Flask . Should produce lots of Yellows

Coelogyne fuscensens

Coelogyne fuscensens species

A Flask of at least 25 seedlings of Coelogyne fuscensens Grow in dappled light with cool to warm conditions . Short inflorescence with 4-10 blooms of yellowish brown to dull brown Lip is white with dark brown .

Asco aurantiacum Flask

Asco aurantiacum Flask

Flask of 15 good size seedling of the species Asco. aurantiacum in 750ml Flask