Wilsonara Golden Afternoon

Wilsonara Golden Afternoon mericlone

Wilsonara Golden Afternoon Flowering size plant . Very large plant in 120mm pot

Brassidium Kenneth Bivin

Brassidium Kenneth Bivin mericlone

Brassidium Kenneth Bivin mericlone  in 100mm pot  Reddish brown spider orchid with white lip

Miltasia .Royal Robe


Miltassia  Royal Robe mericlone

Miltassia Royal Robe mericlone in 80mm pots

Brassidium Tzeng Wen Spot

Brassidium Tzeng Wen Spot Mericlone  

Brassidium Tzeng Wen Spot Mericlone in 80mm pot Near Flowering Size

Oncidium Sweet Sugar

Oncidium Sweet Sugar mericlone

Oncidium Sweet Sugar mericlone in 80mm pot Flowering Size Yellow . Large skirted blooms in branching sprays. Blooms in spring and in the fall .Easy to grow

Miltonia Red Tide

Miltonia Red Tide Flowering size plant in 120mm pot

Miltonia Red Tide ( Pansy Orchid ) 120mm pot size  Flowering size

Oncidium Makili ' Goto'

Oncidium Makili ' Goto ' mericlone

Oncidium Makili ' Goto ' mericlone in 100mm pot Flowering Size Thick Brown/ Yellow

Odontoglossum Stirbic

Odontoglossum Stirbic

Odontoglossum Stirbic flowering size in 120mm pot

Miltassia Estrellita 'Sweet seniorita '

Miltassia Estrellita ' Sweet Seniorita ' mericlone '  NFS

Miltassia Estrellita 'Sweet Seniorita 'Large Flowering size mericlone

Brassidium Tiger Lily ' Tinonee

Brassidium Tiger Lily ' Tinonee' mericlone

Brassidium Tiger Lily ' Tinonee ' mericlone in 50mm pot