Sarco.Elizabeth ' On Forever '

Sarcochilis Elizabeth ' On Forever '

Sarcochilis Elizabeth ' On Forever ' Near Flowering size in 80mm Pot . Parents are Lois x Fitzhart )

Encyclia radiata ' Ray'

Encyclia radiata ' Ray ' mericlone in 70mm pot
Encyclia radiata ' Ray' mericlone established in 70mm pot. Light green with white lip

Grammatophyllum elegans x rumphianum

Grammatophylum elegans x rumphianum seedling

GrammatophyluGrammatophylum  elegans x Gram rumphianum seeding in 50mm tube  elegans is known as the elegant Grammatophyllum originating  from the Phillipines. Grow in bright indirect light with warm to hot conditions  It can have up to 60 flowers per spike with 7 cm spread . The Gram rumphianum is a yellow with brown blotches originating from Borneo and the moluccas It has been given 3 awards  Each inflorescence bears 53 blooms with 7 cm spread . This primary hybrid should produce many interesting flowers

Cymbidium Happy Days ' Green Dragon '

Cymbidium Happy Days ' Green Dragon ' mericlone
Cymbidium Happy Days ' Green Dragon ' 50mm pot size  . Unusual variegated leaves . Very green sepals and petals with a yellow lip spotted with burgundy

Cymbidium madidum

Cymbidium madidum species

Cymbidium madidum species in 100mm . It is a native of North East Australia growing from sea level to 1,300 metres It blooms mainly in October to December with a long pendulous inflorescence 40 -60 cm long . The flowers are 2-3 cm wide with yellow sepals and petals The petals protrude forward almost parallel to the column . Slightly fragrant

Den Pramote Red

Dendrobium Pramote Red mericlone
Dendrobium Pramote Red mericlone established in 50mm tube

Pescatoria wallisii x Pescatoria dayana

Pescatoria wallisii x Pescatoria dayanna seedling

Pescatoria wallisii x Pescatoria dayana seedling in 80mm pot . Fast growing Genera of the Zygopetlinea family .Pescatoria dayana is a white with bright ping lip and pink tips on the sepals and petals it has the synonym Zygopetalum dayanum

Dendobium Sakurahime

Dendrobium Sakurahime mericlone
Dendrobium Sakurahime mericlone establshed in 50mm pot

Dendrobium Sonia Bom x Thon Chai Gold

Dendrobium Sonia Bom x Thon Chai Gold seedling
Dendrobium Sonia Bom x Thon Chai Gold seedling in 50mm pot

Haraella retrocalla

Haraella retrocalla species
Haraella retrocalla species is a very small plant in 50mm tube .Found in Taiwan and it is a miniature species . When the orchid is mature it flowers all year with 2-3 cm flowers .It produces multiple spikes with one flower on each spike . deicately fragrant .