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Ideal indoor plants

Seedlings to flowering size plants are listed. Flowering size plants are shipped either in pots or bare root depending on individual State quarantine requirements .


Phal. Happy Dancer

Phalaenopsis Happy Dancer mericlone

Phalaenopsis Happy Dancer  near flowering size in 80mm Pot 

Dtps Tiny Dancer

Dtps Tiny Dancer mericlone

Dtps Tiny Dancer medium size plant in 80mm pot

Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi


Phalaenopsis cornu - cervi species

Phalaenopsis cornu - cervi species Near Flowering size in 80mm pot A sequential flowering miniature phal. with orange striped flowers  

Phal. Pinlong Ava ' 55'

Phal Pinlog Ava '55' 50mm tube size

Phal Pinlong Ava '55''

Phal. Fortune Saltzma

Phalaenopsis Fortune Satlzma mericlone

Phalaenopsis Fortune Saltzma mericlone in 80mm pot size

Phal Allura 'Paradise '


Phal.Allura Paradise  mericlone

Phal. Allura Paradise  mericlone in 50mm tube size

Phalaenopsis Violacea Blue


Phalaenopsis Violacea Blue

Phalaenopsis Violacea Blue A Miniature in 70mm pot size

Phal. Chian Xen Queen - Taisuco Date

Phal. Chian Xen Queen - Taisuco Date

Phal. Chian Xen Queen - Taisuco Date mericlone in 50mm tube size

Phaaenopsis Vivaldi

Phalaenopsis Vivaldi mericlone

Phalanopsis Vivaldi Flowering Size in 120mm pot

Phalaenopsis Big Chilli

Phalaenopsis Big Chilli mericlone

Phalaenopsis Big Chilli mericlone in 80mm pot size